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Helping you strategize through the child custody process

Parents in Minnesota and elsewhere tend to focus on the needs of their children over their own needs. While this is typical no matter the age of the child, this could prove to be difficult when parents divorce. Although the focus still remains on the child or children, the transition from a one-house family to a two-house family can be very challenging and emotional on everyone involved. Additionally, this process requires parents to agree on a fair and effective custody arrangement.

Parenting time is often the most important factor to consider when discussing child custody. It is hard to go from seeing a child all the time to half the time or less. Thus, disputes often arise when parents seek to protect their needs and the child's best interests. At our law firm, we understand the dynamics and complexities of the custody process. We are dedicated to helping residents in the Eagan area successfully navigate these matters.

Overcoming the disadvantages of joint custody arrangements

Parents in Minnesota make major decisions regarding their children all the time. While this is just a part of being a parent, it is not always easy to make the difficult parenting decisions. This is especially true when parents are divorced. And, depending on the child custody arrangement, parents may find this to be a complex matter.

Today, joint custody is the preferred custody arrangement in courts across the nation. Shared parenting situations allow for equal rights and access to the children. This is because joint custody affords both parents with legal and physical custody. And, most courts view such a situation as the most effective way to meet the best interests of the children.

How can prenuptial agreements benefit any couple?

Whether you are married or not, it is likely that you are aware of the daunting divorce statistics of our nation. Because roughly 40 to 50 percent of first-time marriages end in divorce, couples in Minnesota and elsewhere consider having serious conversations prior to getting married. While it is difficult to talk about dissolution before a union starts. Nonetheless, this could help the couple avoid serious disputes and divorce issues if the marriage ends.

How can a prenuptial agreement benefit any couple? Divorce is not only an emotional event; it tends to be very disruptive to each spouse's personal life. Additionally, divorce could interrupt a family-owned business even threatening its longevity. Thus, couples often opt to include a prenuptial agreement in their union.

Divorce Rates On The Rise For People Over 50

Recent research shows that among people over the age of 40, more and more couples are getting divorced than ever before. For couples in the 40 to 50 year old age bracket, the divorce rate has seen an incremental increase, according to the Pew Foundation. The research says that the divorce rate for people over 50 has doubled since 1990, and for those over the age of 65, the divorce rate has tripled in the same time frame. The trend for more mature divorces continues as the divorce rates for younger couples are generally dropping.

Most Minnesotans likely know that divorce is more common in second and third marriages. The Pew researchers recognize that many Baby Boomers - generally defined today as people in their early-50s through their early-70s -- have been through multiple divorces. Regardless of the researchers' analysis of potential reasons for the rising divorce rates among older Americans, it is important to note that arriving at a fair and proper divorce settlement is critical for Baby Boomers today.

The reason why Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck filed for divorce

The decision to end a marriage isn't always an easy one. For many Minnesota couples, the process starts with separation. Maybe there is a chance that the couple will reconcile. However, if it is deemed appropriate to make this separation final, the couple can then move forward with the divorce process. Whether the decision to divorce occurred over several years or weeks, it is a major life event that is not simple to make or go through.

After hearing the news of actress Jennifer Garner and actor Ben Affleck separating in June of 2015, many questioned what sparked this split now that the two have moved forward with dissolution proceedings. According to reports, the couple claims that the plan and decision to file for divorce was mutual. A source states that there was no catalyst, but rather it was just time.

Factors to consider when seeking child support modification

Even though divorced parents in Minnesota and elsewhere attempt to work together to meet the needs of their children during dissolution and post-divorce, it can be difficult to sort through some issues together. Child support is often a contentious topic, making it difficult to come to a workable agreement at times.

Whether you easily came to terms on a current child support order or not, the reality is that these agreements often need to change and adapt to the growing or fluctuating needs of the child. Such a situation causes some parents to seek child support modification. While this is not an uncommon process to go through, it is important that parents consider a few factors before seeking modification of a current child support order.

What information does the Minnesota child support calculator use?

The complex nature of a divorce and the natural ups and downs of the process can make it challenging on parents to meet all the needs of their children. Even though divorcing parents are working on a post-divorce plan that will allow them to transition to a two-home family, finances are often a focal point in this process. In order to meet the financial need of the children, a parent might request child support.

What information does the Minnesota child support calculator use? In order to determine what support obligations will be placed on a parent, certain details about each parent are considered. In Minnesota, this includes looking at the income of both parents, any obligations of each parent and any benefits that could adjustment the support obligation.

Helping couples understand the benefits of a prenup

Couples in Minnesota sometimes take the time to carefully consider what they might do if their relationship fails. This is especially true whet the couple decides to get married. While it is not required to include a prenuptial agreement in a marriage, a prenup offers many benefits to each spouse if they decide to get divorced.

At our law firm, we understand the roles a prenuptial agreement can play during dissolution. Our law firm is dedicated to helping residents in the Eagan area understand whether or not a prenup is in their best interest. For most married couples, a prenuptial agreement is a means for asset protection and to ease the property division process.

The importance of including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage

Many steps must be completed before a couple can get married. While many of these decisions revolve around the ceremony, others tend to focus on protecting the spouses if the couple decides to divorce in the future. Although dissolution might seem like an impossibility when a marriage is just beginning, the reality is that roughly half of all marriages in America end in a divorce, making it paramount to take certain steps to protect rights in the event of a divorce.

The idea of including a prenuptial agreement in a marriage might seem daunting and complex for couples in Minnesota. Even more so, it can be extremely difficult to bring up the idea of a "prenup." While there is no perfect way to initiate a conversation about a prenuptial agreement, it is becoming more important and relevant in society today.

DWI arrests of women drivers are on the upswing

Government statistics show that men are arrested for driving while impaired far more often than women. However, recent statistics show that women are closing the gap on DWI arrests. Between 1998 and 2007, the Traffic Resource Center for Judges says that DWI arrests of female drivers rose nearly 29 percent. During the same time frame DWI arrests of male drivers decreased by 7.5 percent. Research also indicates that women are drinking more today than a generation ago.

A person can be charged with impaired driving in Minnesota based upon evidence that the individual was driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The state often relies on Breathalyzer tests, or blood or urine samples, to show an alcohol concentration of .08 percent or more BAC within two hours of operating a vehicle to prove impairment. While the amount of alcohol a person consumes is a large factor in blood alcohol levels, women need to know that gender also plays a role.

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