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August 2013 Archives

Kate Gosselin sues ex-husband over book

The dissolution of a marriage can be a stressful time that is full of heated disputes and emotional encounters. As Minnesota residents know, there are multiple factors that make a divorce a difficult process. However, with technology evolving all of the time, another problem might need to be added to the list of difficulties -- computer hacking. This is the case for former reality TV star Kate Gosselin. She is accusing her ex-husband, John Gosselin, of hacking into her phone and computer.

Couple's divorce lasts longer than marriage

No one likes going through a divorce. Almost everyone would rather settle matters quickly and get it over with but that isn't always an option. Most divorce attorneys attempt to resolve matters without involving a judge but if a hearing is necessary the lawyer will have to request a timeframe from the court. In addition, the clients themselves could cause the proceedings to slow down or even stop.

First same-sex divorce has been filed in Minnesota

Same-sex couples in Minnesota can now be focused on their new future, one where they have the same legal standing as other couples. Minnesota's legalization of same-sex marriage will mean a flourishing of same-sex weddings, but it will also eventually mean an increasing amount of same-sex divorces.

TV's Simon Cowell named in friend's divorce papers

A spouse's adultery, once found out, can lead to arguments, resentment, and even divorce. Well known X Factor celebrity judge Simon Cowell has recently been accused of adultery in his friend Andrew Silverman's divorce from spouse Lauren Silverman. Cowell is expecting a baby with her as well.

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