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October 2013 Archives

Wife of actor Paul Hogan files for Divorce

The ending of a marriage after over 20 years can be a trying time for anyone. People are surprised when a couple - even a celebrity couple - divorce after decades and announce that their union is over. Regardless of the difference in affluence and notoriety, celebrities experience many of the same issues as the average individual involved in a divorce, such as alimony and child support.

Bruce and Kim Jenner announce separation

The termination of a marriage after decades can be a stressful time that is full of fiery disputes and emotional situations. People are surprised when a couple - even a celebrity couple - head for divorce after many years together and announce that what they dedicated themselves to for years no longer is what they want.

Withdrawing money from joint accounts during divorce

In many Minnesota marriages, the husband is the primary wage earner. Sometimes, the wives don't even know how much money is in their bank accounts. Once someone files for divorce, withdrawals from those accounts may be legally constrained through an Automatic Temporary Restraining Order (ATRO). An ATRO is a court order barring either spouse from making certain financial changes once a divorce action begins.

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