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February 2014 Archives

Advice for parents dealing with a difficult ex-spouse

Divorce is often heralded as a time of reflection and new beginnings. Individuals who divorce often feel relieved once a divorce is finalized and are often able to reflect and learn from the mistakes of a failed marriage while focusing on making positive changes to ensure for a happier future. For divorced parents, however, regular contact with an ex-spouse may prove to be difficult. This is especially true in cases when a divorce was conflict-ridden and contentious.

Divorce and making child custody decisions

When a couple with shared children divorces, there are many considerations with regard to child custody and child support that must be considered and decided. In the wake of a divorce, each parent would be wise to recognize that the failure of a marriage does not equate to failure as a parent. Yes, children may be angry, confused and resentful; but in many cases divorce is the best option for all involved parties.

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