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May 2014 Archives

Updating beneficiary designations can protect assets

No one wants to plan for death or a divorce but a lack of planning can create a number of unfortunate outcomes. Before getting married, a prenuptial agreement can be beneficial in that the individual parties can pre-decide how they will divide assets in the event of a divorce. Wills are another type of legal instrument that dictates where a person's assets go at his or her death.

Non-biological father forced to make child support payments

Our society and family court system accepts that parents owe a duty to pay the cost of living and everyday expenses of their minor children. Sometimes genetic testing is necessary to determine the paternity of the child, and with it the obligation to pay support. But one Minnesota man recently found himself obligated to pay child support even though a paternity test showed he was not the father.

Child custody dispute erupts over unborn child

Parents who go through a legal separation or divorce may inevitably have to face the issue of split parenting time. It is the simple truth, when parents no longer live under the same roof, following a separation, there will be a change in the family dynamics. Nonetheless, these battles may be even trickier when a child is not born yet, and the parents are already in the middle of a parenting dispute.

Considering how the high rate of divorce affects children

Acknowledging that a couple has marital issues or that their marriage is failing is not something easy to admit, and it is certainly not an easy event to go through. Minnesota couples understand that this often leads to divorce, which is also accompanied with divorce legal issues. When divorcing couples continually argue and find themselves in disputes over trivial matters, it is important that they establish proper ways to work through these issues to reach a fair and amicable divorce settlement.

Hard to apply equitable division to the family pet

Most Minnesotans who decide to go through with a divorce have some idea of what the divorce process entails. Most people understand that at some point there will be asset or property division. Initially, property is separated into marital and separate property. The separate party remains the property of each individual spouse owner, while the marital property may be subject to an equitable division.

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