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July 2014 Archives

Social media used to question delinquent child support

In this age of online activity, it would be difficult to find someone who did not participate in social media in some shape or form. Especially when it comes to Facebook, one of the most prolific online networking sites, everyone from teenagers to grandparents in Minnesota and around the world seem to be involved.

Minnesota prenuptial agreements can protect assets

As much as Minnesotans plan and work toward a successful marriage, the reality is that only 50% of marriages have a shot at making it last. There are obviously things that each couple can do to build a stronger relationship, but there is no magic equation. One interesting statistic shows that social media may be hurting marriages. A study published in the journal, Computers in Human Behavior, found a relationship between social media use and troubled marriages heading toward divorce.

Surrogacy arrangement creates child support question

There are a number of ways for Minnesota parents to have children in this day and age. Just because a women is unable to conceive naturally does not mean that she cannot have a biological child. In vitro fertilization and surrogacy are just two of the methods that some moms and parents turn to in order to have children. Although the medical procedures may be well established, the laws surrounding surrogacy are still relatively new.

Retirement accounts under fire in grey divorces

Minnesotans may plan for retirement but they do not always plan for divorce. Unfortunately, a divorce can wreak havoc on retirement account if couples do not follow the certain steps at divorce or at least prepare for the possibility of divorce.

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