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August 2014 Archives

Minnesota-born collaborative divorce makes for amicable divorce

Divorce can seem like a big fight over everything. Children, money, and who gets what seem to be hot topics for people wading their way through divorce proceedings. The court system is designed in a way that forces a couple to divide and conquer their marital property rather than focusing on organizing an amicable parting agreement. Divorce proceedings were given a radical shove towards mediation in the early 90's when a Minnesota lawyer revealed his amicable approach to negotiating divorces.

The Basics of Prenuptial Agreements in Minnesota

After getting engaged, the thoughts on a couple's minds are usually focus on the upcoming wedding or possibly moving in together. Less often does the thought of a prenuptial agreement spring to the forefront of the happy couple's minds. But maybe it should. Given current divorce rates it's best to plan for the future when you are in love and in agreement on most matters.

What factors are considered in the best interests of the child?

When arriving at the best interests of the child in child custody situations, there are several factors the courts look to for guidance to determine what is in the best interests of the child and to, in turn, make child custody determinations. Some parents may be left wondering, then, what factors are considered when the best interests of the child are determined and important child custody decisions are made?

Same-sex marriage and divorce boom in Minnesota

One year ago, Minnesota legalized same-sex marriage. The state became the 13th in the nation to allow same-sex couples to get married. In the last year, Minnesota has seen over 3,800 same-sex couples get married. In that time, six more states have joined Minnesota and the other states in recognizing gay marriage, not to mention all of the states now faced with challenges to same-sex marriage bans. Gay couples also now enjoy expanded federal rights as a married couple following a Supreme Court decision last summer.

Hedge-fund owner's divorces involves artwork, business

Each married couple's circumstances and the existence or non-existence of a prenuptial agreement factor into the ease of a divorce. Property division can be relatively straightforward for Minnesota couples who entered into a prenuptial agreement. Fewer assets or less complex assets also make division somewhat simpler. It's when business assets, artwork and numerous residences come into play that the divorce will probably require complex property division.

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