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May 2015 Archives

Answering your common questions about divorce

Divorce is a common occurrence, but it still remains a mystery to many Minnesota couples, particularly those who are going through a divorce for the first time. How does the process work? Which parent gets custody of the child? How is marital property divided? These are just a few of the questions that couples have going into a divorce.

Financial disclosure required with prenuptial agreements

An increasing number of Minnesota couples are looking to prenuptial agreements to protect assets in the event that their marriage ends in divorce. Entering a prenuptial agreement involves more than signing a piece of paper. It requires honest disclosure about one's finances, which means that hiding valuable jewelry and lying about money is not encouraged. In fact, lying about finances could land a person in legal trouble. There are some types of information that need to be disclosed to each spouse prior to signing prenuptial agreements.

Can assets be protected without prenuptial agreements?

A prenuptial agreement is a good way for Minnesota couples to protect assets. Whether they amassed millions or even billions of dollars from running a successful business or inherited real estate from a relative, many want to hold onto their property as long as possible. Splitting it up in a divorce is not a a desirable option for many. So when it comes time to walk down the aisle, what happens when the other party refuses to sign a prenuptial agreement? Can the property still be protected?

Dealing with family law issues in a same-sex divorce

Same-sex marriage in Minnesota is still relatively new, making the concept of divorce even newer, and complicated. Issues such as child custody and spousal support are not cut and dried. There are many complications involved, and not all family law attorneys are experienced in representing those going through a same-sex divorce. It's important to take all the various elements into consideration and understand how they differ from heterosexual divorces.

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