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September 2015 Archives

Factors that Minnesota courts consider in awarding alimony

Divorce often causes severe financial worry for a spouse who earned less than the other spouse during the marriage. The lower-earning spouse often wonders whether the end of a marriage means losing the standard of living to which they are accustomed. Spouses who stayed home to care for children, or who put their own careers on hold to support the other spouse's ambitions, may fear they will be penalized for their sacrifices.

Visitation rights for grandparents in Minnesota

In certain Minnesota family law cases, a child custody dispute is not a simple matter of two parents disagreeing and battling over who will have custody, what the visitation rights will be and other issues. Sometimes, people who are not the parents of the child are seeking to have visitation rights for one reason or another. Understanding the law and how such circumstances are viewed is imperative in cases such as this.

Actor's divorce settlement thrown out due to coercion by ex-wife

Minnesota residents who have been through a divorce know that it is usually better to negotiate an agreement on an issue than argue it to the court and let the judge decide. But, negotiations must be undertaken in good faith. If one party proves the other used improper threats or coercion to get what they wanted in a divorce settlement, the judge can overturn the agreement later. This happened recently in court proceedings involving actor Terrence Howard and his ex-wife, Michelle Ghent.

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