Assault Or Domestic Violence

Proven Defense For Assault Or Domestic Violence Charges

A conviction for assault can result in jail time, fines and probation. It also creates a criminal record that may have repercussions for everything from employment and housing to child custody or future arrests. A conviction for even a misdemeanor assault can result in a lifetime ban on the possession of firearms, even for hunting. A restraining order may set you up for even more legal trouble.

At Sheridan & Dulas, P.A., we do not automatically look for a plea deal. We approach every case with the goal of dismissal or acquittal. We aim to beat the charges or put you in a stronger position to negotiate. Our criminal defense team will fight to spare you from the harshest consequences of an accusation of domestic violence or assault.

We take assault charges seriously. So should you.
Our firm handles assault and domestic violence cases in Dakota County and throughout the Twin Cities metro area. We also represent clients of outstate Minnesota. Contact our Eagan law office today for a free consultation.

Experienced Representation For Crimes Of Violence

Whatever the circumstances - an angry argument, a fight that got out of hand, trumped-up allegations - you cannot assume that this will "blow over." Once the police are summoned to a domestic dispute or altercation, the wheels are set in motion. The prosecutor may bring charges even if the alleged victim recants or does not want you prosecuted.

Criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey Sheridan brings the advanced skills and proactive approach you need to fight charges of:

  • Domestic assault - In addition to hitting or attacking a family member, you can be charged with a misdemeanor crime even for slight physical contact, menacing gestures or verbal threats of harm. A second offense within 10 years is a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail.
  • Violation of a restraining order - Threatening, harassing, stalking or even contacting the victim is a gross misdemeanor punishable by additional jail time
  • Fifth-degree assault - Same criteria and penalties as domestic assault
  • Fourth-degree assault - Assault against a police officer, school official or other protected class of person, punishable by up to three years in prison
  • Third-degree assault - Substantial bodily harm or a pattern of child abuse, punishable by up to five years in prison
  • Second-degree assault - Assault with a dangerous weapon, punishable by a prison term of up to 10 years
  • First-degree assault - Great bodily harm of a person or use of deadly force against law enforcement, punishable by up to 20 years in prison

Many of these offenses also carry stiff fines and up to five years of conditional release (extended parole) following a prison term. The initial charges or the penalties at sentencing can be enhanced by aggravating factors such as age or any other vulnerability of the victim, prior criminal convictions or merely possessing a weapon at the time of the attack.

We Challenge The Prosecution's Facts And Conclusions

As the saying goes, it takes two to tango. In domestic assaults, bar fights and other assaults, we explore legitimate defenses of self-defense, defense of another, mutual assault or incitement to violence. Our job is to make sure that your side of the story is presented, and to cast doubt on the prosecution's version of events and the statements of the alleged victim and witnesses.

We will do everything possible to avoid a conviction and to keep you out of jail. We will also fight to avoid a permanent restraining order that keeps you out of your own home, interrupts your relationship with your children, nullifies your civil rights and keeps you from hunting ever again.

Put the law firm of Sheridan & Dulas, P.A., to work for you. Time is critical, and the earlier you consult our attorneys, the better we can protect your remaining rights and strategize your defense. Contact Sheridan & Dulas online or call 651-968-1249 now.