Probation Violations

Have you been accused of violating the terms of your probation? Do not take your charges lightly. A probation violation could trigger significant penalties. In fact, you could end up serving more jail time for a probation violation than you did when you were first convicted.

Experienced With The Facts And Law Of Probation

When you were previously convicted, the judge may have "stayed" a portion of your jail sentence upon the condition that you successfully complete your term of probation. For example, the judge may have ordered you to serve six months in jail, but stayed all or most of the jail time.

Unfortunately, any time that was stayed is now hanging over your head if you are accused of violating the terms of your probation. If you are now found to have violated your probation, the judge could order you to serve all of the jail time that was stayed (and order additional criminal penalties as well). If your probation violation involves a new criminal offense, you could be facing additional jail time, prison time and other penalties for that offense as well.

We Can Help

Protect your rights by retaining an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer at Sheridan & Dulas, P.A. We provide a vigorous defense against all alleged probation violations, including:

  • Failure to attend or complete required counseling or treatment
  • Failure to complete required community service
  • Failed drug tests
  • Alcohol-related violations
  • Failure to attend meetings with a probation officer
  • Commission of a subsequent crime

As a client of our firm, you can be confident that you will have a strong advocate on your side. Criminal defense attorney Jeffrey S. Sheridan has been repeatedly selected for inclusion in Minnesota Super Lawyers and Best Lawyers in America, and he has been named Attorney of the Year by Minnesota Lawyer three times for his effective advocacy in criminal defense.

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