DWI Defense

A Breathalyzer and handcuffs is not the end of the story. A good defense attorney can challenge your DWI arrest and license revocation on multiple fronts. The law firm of Sheridan & Dulas, P.A., has a long history of fighting and winning these cases.

Renowned defense lawyer Jeffrey S. Sheridan provides proven DWI/DUI defense in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota. His philosophy is that there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by fighting a drunk driving charge.

Arrested on suspicion of drunk driving (DWI/DUI)?
We do not simply walk you to court to plead guilty. We fight to avoid a conviction and we always fight for your driver's license. Contact us without delay for a free consultation.

Aggressive DWI Defense, Whatever The Charge...

Jeffrey Sheridan has represented people of all walks of life and handled every impaired driving scenario:

The Stakes Are Too High To Simply Take A DWI Plea Bargain

Minnesota has adopted even tougher laws for drunk driving (DWI/DUI). This makes it all the more important to hire an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Our goal is to get charges dismissed or to win your acquittal at trial, because the penalties and collateral consequences of a DWI conviction are so severe and long-lasting. Aside from the possibility of jail or prison, we understand that loss of license would seriously hamper your life and possibly cost you your job. Fines, court fees, higher insurance and/or installing an ignition interlock device also take a financial toll.

Ranked As A Top Law Firm For DWI Defense

Every year since 2010, Sheridan & Dulas, P.A., has been named one of the Best Law Firms for DWI/DUI defense in America in a survey by U.S. News & World Report/Best Lawyers. And Jeff himself has been named as one of the "Best Lawyers in America" every year since 2007. He has also been listed in Super Lawyers in Minnesota Law & Politics and has been named Attorney of the Year by Minnesota Lawyer three times for his achievements and contributions to this unique area of the law. In short, you will not find a more capable or committed advocate than criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey Sheridan.

Over the years, major provisions of Minnesota's DWI laws have been struck down by Minnesota courts as unconstitutional on eight occasions. Jeffrey Sheridan represented the accused driver in six of those cases.

Don't Let Your Rights Slip Away · Our Legal Team Is Ready To Help

We do not start off with the intention of pleading your case out. We prepare to fight the charges in court. We prepare to challenge your administrative license revocation.

The outcome of your criminal case and your driver's license case depends on timely involvement of a lawyer. Contact Sheridan & Dulas online or call now at 651-968-1249.From our offices in Eagan, we handle DUI or DWI charges in Dakota County, the Twin Cities area and statewide.