DUI Drugs

Have you been arrested for driving under the influence of drugs, a prescription medication or a intoxicating substance? Get the vigorous defense you require at Sheridan & Dulas, P.A.

A good defense attorney can challenge your DUI arrest and license revocation on multiple fronts. Our firm is known for its aggressive defense of people charged with driving under the influence. We do not simply instruct our clients to plead guilty at their first appearance. We fight to avoid a conviction, and we always fight for your driver's license.

Renowned defense lawyer Jeffrey S. Sheridan provides proven DUI defense in the Twin Cities and across Minnesota. To schedule your free consultation, contact our law office in Eagan, Minnesota.

Driving Under The Influence Of Drugs, Medication And Hazardous Substances

People charged with driving under the influence of prescription medications, drugs and hazardous substances are often caught by surprise. In some cases, people are arrested even though they have a valid prescription for a medication. Some drivers are charged with driving under the influence of illegal drugs, even though they have not used drugs that same day, or for several days in some instances. Charges based on hazardous substances can also be surprising, as some drivers have been exposed to a intoxicating substance as a function of their job.

When people think of drunk driving, they typically think of the .08 legal limit, but drivers may be convicted of driving under the influence if they are unlawfully impaired. Impairment includes driving, operating or controlling a motor vehicle while "under the influence" of alcohol, drugs or a intoxicating substance, based on physical evidence and observations of the arresting officer.

Unfortunately, the arresting officer may be mistaken and the physical evidence may be misleading. The good news is that a knowledgeable and skilled defense attorney can raise numerous defenses on your behalf to make a positive difference in your case.

We Are Renowned For Our DUI Defense Services

The attorney you choose really does make a difference. You need an attorney who will fight for you and provide the aggressive defense you require. Our goal is to get your charges dismissed or to obtain an acquittal (not guilty) for you at trial.

Every year since 2010, Sheridan & Dulas, P.A., has been named one of the Best Law Firms for DWI/DUI defense in America in a survey by U.S. News & World Report/Best Lawyers. Attorney Jeffrey S. Sheridan has been named as one of the "Best Lawyers in America" every year since 2007. He has also been listed in Super Lawyers in Minnesota Law & Politics and has been named Attorney of the Year by Minnesota Lawyer three times for his achievements and contributions to this unique area of the law.

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