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Some of the most common DWI questions we are asked appear below. You probably have questions about your situation.

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I blew over .08, and frankly I have to admit that I was drunk. Should I just plead guilty and accept the consequences?

Even if your breath test results indicate that you were over the limit, there may still be a way to get the DWI charge dismissed or reduced to a non-alcohol driving offense. Attorney Jeff Sheridan will carefully examine all aspects of your case. Factors such as the legality of the stop, the validity of the breath test results and others could lead to a positive outcome. In the American justice system, the question is not whether you can prove your innocence, but whether the state can prove your guilt. Experienced counsel is the only way to make sure your rights are protected.

I've been arrested for DWI. Can I get limited driving privileges?

The first step is to initiate action against the Minnesota Commissioner of Public Safety within 60 days of being served your notice of revocation. Jeff Sheridan can file the necessary papers and represent you in a judicial hearing. If your blood alcohol level was less than .16, you will not be able to drive for 15 days, after which you may obtain a limited license allowing you to drive for certain purposes. If your blood alcohol level was greater than .16 or you have a prior DWI conviction, you will have to have an ignition interlock device installed on your car to drive. In either case, winning your judicial challenge to the revocation will get your license back immediately and, most importantly, remove the reference to the revocation from your driving record.

I refused to take the breath test. What are my options?

We can still fight the criminal charges and the license revocation based on lack of a legal cause to stop you and many other factors. It is vitally important that a challenge to the revocation be filed within 60 days or, no matter what happens in your criminal case, you will have a DWI on your record for life. Jeff Sheridan can review your case and provide further guidance based on the circumstances.

How do I get my driver's license restored while my case is pending?

You will have to apply for a new license, pay a $680 reinstatement fee, take a "rules of the road" test and a DWI knowledge test. If you pay the fee and we are successful in defeating your license revocation, the reinstatement fee will be refunded to you. Therefore, there is no reason not to get back on the road as soon as possible.

How do I get an ignition interlock device installed on my car?

You must first obtain a restricted driver's license. After that, you must:

  • Pass the DWI knowledge test
  • Pay a $680 reinstatement fee
  • Apply for a new Class D driver's license
  • Sign and date the Ignition Interlock Participation Agreement
  • Submit a Certificate of Insurance for the vehicle to be equipped with the device that is non-cancelable for a period not to exceed 12 months
  • Sign the Special Review Awareness form (if required)
  • Satisfy all requirements for any prior withdrawals
  • Arrange for the installation of the ignition interlock with one of the six vendors approved by Driver and Vehicle Services

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