High-Profile DWI

We Work To Protect Your Freedom, Your License And Your Privacy

An arrest for driving while intoxicated is always serious. For people who are in the public spotlight because of their status or the circumstances of the case, DWI charges can carry additional collateral consequences. This is especially true for professionals, public officials or others whose livelihood or standing in the community would suffer.

Rather than getting special treatment, it is sometimes harder for a high-profile client to get a fair trial or make a drunk driving incident "go away." The law firm of Sheridan & Dulas, P.A., has handled many high-profile DWI cases in the Twin Cities, and throughout Minnesota. We offer a skilled and aggressive defense while helping to shield clients and their families from the media spotlight.

We strive to resolve your DWI arrest efficiently and discreetly.
A quick guilty plea is not the answer. We fight the charges while remaining sensitive to the ramifications in your personal and public life. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Experienced With High-Profile DWI Cases

Criminal defense lawyer Jeffrey Sheridan is recognized in the legal community as one of the top DWI/DUI defense lawyers in the country. He is known for challenging the prosecution's facts as well as the drunk driving statutes themselves. He has been involved in several precedent-setting cases that struck down significant portions of Minnesota DWI law.

If you are charged with DWI/DUI, Jeffrey provides the formidable defense you need when a conviction or guilty plea would be disastrous. He is uniquely equipped for high-profile and high-stakes cases:

  • Athletes, musicians and celebrities
  • Business owners and corporate executives
  • Doctors, lawyers, teachers and other licensed professionals
  • Law enforcement personnel
  • Elected officials and political appointees
  • Anyone charged with alcohol-related vehicular homicide

Jeffrey Sheridan's reputation at trial works to the advantage of our high-profile clients, especially when he is consulted early. We try to intervene with prosecuting attorneys before formal charges are brought to prevent charging or to at least ensure that our client is charged appropriately. We are aggressive in filing motions to suppress evidence that would be publicly embarrassing or prejudicial in court. We use our experience and resources to avoid or limit a public spectacle.

We Welcome Big Cases · We Know What Is At Stake For You

We do everything we can to avoid a drunk driving conviction or to mitigate the criminal, administrative and collateral DWI consequences. We are proactive and discreet, but we are prepared to go to court to fight for you.

Contact Sheridan & Dulas online or call now at 651-968-1249. From our offices in Eagan, we handle DUI or DWI charges in Dakota County, the greater Twin Cities and statewide Minnesota.