Urine Testing

Aggressively Defending People Charged With DWI/DUI

Urine testing as a means to determine a person's alcohol content (BAC) has been largely abandoned in the U.S. Nevertheless, Minnesota is only one of four states that still allows evidence collected in this manner to be introduced in a DWI case.

So you were stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, administered a urine test and then arrested for DWI. Could a viable defense exist? The answer is emphatically yes - depending on the specific circumstances of a case, the results of a DWI urine test can be challenged on one or more grounds.

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DWI Urine Testing Problems

A few examples illustrate the problems with urine testing for DUI/DWI cases:

First void of the bladder - Only Minnesota accepts test results from the first void of the bladder. The problem with this is that the alcohol you have consumed can continue to reside in the bladder long after you have sobered up. The test result will therefore not provide a realistic estimate of your BAC at the time you were driving.

Testing errors - Police and technicians routinely make mistakes in the collection, handling and testing of urine samples.

The 1.33 assumption - For the purposes of estimating BAC, it is assumed that alcohol concentration in urine is 1.33 times greater than the alcohol concentration in the blood. However, the ratio in any individual can vary from as little as 0.8 times to as much as 2.0 times.

False readings in DUI drug cases - A urine test measures metabolites (leftover traces) of drugs. These metabolites can stay in your body and appear in your urine long after you are no longer under the influence of the drug.

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