Grandparents' Rights

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Grandparents love their grandchildren dearly and want to play an active role in their lives. Moreover, grandchildren can benefit tremendously from having a strong relationship with their grandparents. Unfortunately, some grandparents are not allowed to see their grandchildren, or may only see their grandchildren on a very infrequent basis due to the preference of the child's parents.

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Grandparents' Rights In Minnesota

While courts grant considerable deference to the wishes of parents, there are situations in which grandparents may have standing to pursue court-ordered visitation with their grandchildren, or even custody of grandchildren:

  • Has your son or daughter passed away and now your stepson or stepdaughter refuses to let you see your grandchildren?
  • Is your grandchild at risk of harm? Is the mother or father abusive, chemically dependent or neglectful?
  • Has your grandchild been living with you for a period of time with the knowledge and consent of his or her parents?

If these or other situations have occurred and you need to speak with a grandparents' rights lawyer, we are here to help. We can provide the sound advice and knowledgeable representation you require.

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