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Even if you feel confident that you and your spouse have reached an agreement on all of the terms of your divorce, it is essential that you retain experienced legal counsel to assist you. There are many hidden issues and potential pitfalls that can be traps for you in the future if not handled correctly now or that can lead to unnecessary problems or litigation in the future. There are many different issues you may not have considered that could adversely impact your parental and financial rights.

The truth is that the forms provided online by the County or which you can purchase only deal with the most basic issues required by state law. They do not address all of the issue that can arise in a divorce, including issues related to your children, your income, your retirement accounts, and your property. Failing to properly deal with these issues now, especially while both sides are working cooperatively together, can lead to substantial problems down the road which will likely be more difficult and more expensive to deal with later.

Finding the Answers You Need

It is critical that the documents you file with the court clearly specify the nature of your agreement. Do you have a parenting time agreement that specifies how to treat birthdays, vacations and summer break? Have you clarified how you and your spouse will make decisions about education, medical treatment and other key issues impacting the welfare of your children? What about expenses that go beyond monthly child support payments, such as contributions for uninsured dental or medical costs? Have you determined how to handle the division of retirement accounts and have you accomplished that division in a manner likely to avoid taxes in the transfer or ensure that your spouse doesn't deprive you of your portion in the future? What about your responsibility for marital debts?

These and other issues must be fully considered. Your filings with the court must clearly specify the nature of your agreement on such matters to avoid unnecessary problems. You must also fully understand the ramifications of your agreements concerning child custody, child support, property division, spousal support and other key issues. Once your divorce decree is entered, you do not want any surprises. You do not want to realize that you have not considered issues that will significantly impact you or your children.

Protect Your Rights

Unless you are an attorney, there are many issues that you may not think to consider. There is no way to know what you do not know. There is no way to ask critical questions that you have not contemplated.

Do not handle your divorce on your own. The outcome of your divorce will impact your immediate and long-term financial security. If you have children, your divorce will impact your parental rights and the well-being of your children. These issues are too important to leave to chance.

Contact Sheridan & Dulas, P.A., in Eagan, Minnesota. Let us put our experience to work for you. Our experienced family law attorneys can answer your questions, explain your rights and help you identify potential pitfalls that can go unnoticed without the help of an experienced divorce attorney. We can draft or review all of your legal filings and submit them to the court on your behalf.

Do Not Hesitate to Seek Legal Counsel

Should you discover at some point that you and your spouse are not in agreement on the terms of your divorce, or that you have not contemplated all issues that should have been incorporated into your agreement, we can negotiate on your behalf with your spouse (or his or her counsel) to seek a resolution of such matters. Should it become necessary to argue your case before a judge at trial, our attorneys have the trial experience necessary to vigorously protect your rights.

Many people are reluctant to seek the assistance of legal counsel because they worry that an attorney may unnecessarily complicate matters. Rest assured, we have helped many of our clients obtain an efficient and amicable divorce. We are committed to advising our clients of their rights and helping them to avoid unnecessary conflicts now and in the future.

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