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November 2011 Archives

Getting Through the Holidays During Your Minnesota Divorce

Your holidays may have always been centered around family - splitting time between your family and your spouse's family or spending time together with your children. Now, you are facing a divorce. How can you celebrate this year, when things seem to be falling apart? And what should you do about the children?

Minnesota Prenuptial Agreements: Protecting Your Property

Kim Kardashian's divorce follows a very short marriage and a strict prenuptial agreement. According to the news media, the prenup signed by Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries keeps all assets separate. This means that both spouses will retain everything they earned and their income will not be divided during the divorce.

Is a Pension a Marital Asset?

For spouses who have a small number of possessions to divide during a divorce, property division can be relatively simple. However, in a divorce that involves complicated assets, determining "equitable distribution" of property is much more difficult. This blog post tackles one of the most important types of divisible assets: pension plans.

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