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December 2011 Archives

Divorce near retirement: financially devastating?

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, divorcing when you are close to retirement age can be financially devastating. Cutting one income down to two is always difficult, but a divorce later in life can mean a significant change in your retirement plans.

Kobe Bryant's divorce and the differences between CA and MN divorce law

Kobe Bryant's wife of 10 years may be looking at a sizeable settlement because the party lacked a prenuptial agreement. Kobe Bryant is worth approximately $150 million, and Vanessa Bryant may see $75 million of that money, as well as spousal support and child support.

Minnesota Court of Appeals holds CEO liable for 10 percent interest on divorce arrears

The Minnesota Court of Appeals recently held that a hedge fund CEO who owed approximately $141 million to his ex-spouse must pay 10 percent interest on that amount. During his Minnesota divorce, Andrew Redleaf agreed to pay his ex-wife $140.7 million over five years in return for his wife's agreement to waive any interest she would have had in the hedge fund.

Maintaining Sanity During Your Minnesota Divorce

Divorce is a time of significant change. You must say goodbye to one lifestyle and prepare for a new one with its unique challenges. Because this change is life-altering, it is no surprise that many divorces are contentious, fraught with emotion and arguments. As Minnesota divorce attorneys, we have seen what should be simple divorces turn into long, drawn-out battles. Spouses often fight over child custody, child support, alimony, the dog, the house, even who gets to keep a certain t.v.

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