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March 2012 Archives

Modification of child support orders in Minnesota

Life changes. When your divorce decree or child support order was finalized, you may have thought you were done asking for things from the court. Now, you realize that the orders no longer work. Perhaps you have lost your job or your cost of living has increased substantially.

Bill would change Minnesota child custody laws

A bill before the Minnesota Legislature would require that both parents be treated equally in court during child custody disputes. If passed, the Children's Equal and Shared Parenting Act, would "create a rebuttable presumption of equal custody following divorce."

Divorce and taxes

With tax deadlines only a month away, it is time to think about how your divorce affects your taxes. Below are some of the frequent questions that individuals going through a Minnesota divorce or those recently divorced have during tax season.

Dividing a military pension during divorce

For thousands, even millions, of couples throughout the United States, a military pension is the largest asset they own. And depending on the rank of the military spouse and the years spent in service, the military benefits can be fairly extensive. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, the military pension of an Air Force lieutenant colonel is worth $72,288 a year.

How does education factor into alimony orders?

Perhaps you helped your spouse through school financially, or you stayed at home with the kids while your spouse obtained an advanced degree. Does that count for alimony / spousal maintenance purposes? What if you (or your spouse) don't have the education necessary to get a reasonable job?

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