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May 2012 Archives

Kris Humphries seeks annulment, alleges marital fraud

Celebrity Kim Kardashian and Minnesotan NBA player Kris Humphries were married in a televised event with the kind of glitz and glamour that drew the attention of countless people across the United States. Seventy-two days later, the marriage was over, and the couple is now in the middle of a highly-publicized divorce.

More women making child and spousal support payments

When a couple divorces, people often assume the man will be the one paying child support or alimony. However, as more women have climbed the corporate ladder, the financial arrangement is often reversed. A recent survey found increasing numbers of women are now making support payments to their husbands.

What happens to stock options during your divorce?

Property and asset division during divorce rarely involves just your house, car and furniture. Instead, there is a wide range of less-concrete property, such as retirement accounts, family businesses and stock options. In this blog post, we will discuss dividing unexercised stock options during your high-asset divorce.

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