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Even celebrities must face realities of divorce

If you are at all tuned in to popular culture, you know that actress Katie Holmes recently filed for divorce from mega-star Tom Cruise after five years of marriage. Their marriage, Cruise's Scientology beliefs and his intermittently erratic behavior have long been the subjects of tabloid speculation.

Nonetheless, Holmes' filing for divorce came as somewhat of a surprise, even to Cruise himself who was shooting a film in Iceland when Holmes filed her petition in New York. The two have a daughter, Suri, who is six years old.

Another celebrity couple is also on the road to divorce, actor David Arquette recently filed for divorce in California from "Friends" star Courtney Cox. The couple had been separated for over a year, but Arquette is now making it official. The couple also has a daughter, seven-year-old Coco.

Although the financial stakes may be higher and the level of scrutiny is much greater, the issues faced by celebrity couples seeking a divorce are similar to those of the general public. All couples must deal with a variety of concerns when seeking a divorce.

Some legal and emotional issues involved in divorce matters include:

  • The logistics of filing for divorce
  • Division of shared property and assets
  • Possibility of alimony or spousal support
  • For those with children, child custody, visitation and child support

No matter the level of prestige or status, everyone who goes through a divorce has to find the best way to navigate the important decisions and trials involved, and should seek out excellent legal advice in doing so.

Source: Star Tribune, "David Arquette files for divorce from Courtney Cox after more than 12 years of marriage," 6/13/2012

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