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September 2012 Archives

Tensions running high in bitter Minnesota custody battle

Child custody disputes arise when two or more parties are invested in the future of their child(ren). Sadly, the drive to preserve a family can lead to bitter fractures within it. Even the strongest families can find themselves torn asunder by a hotly contested custody case.

Get an A+ in co-parenting this school year

Last month, we discussed the importance of easing the toll of divorce on your child. As school starts back up this Fall, your child faces yet another transition. He or she needs extra support from both parents during this time, whether you are still married, separated or divorced.

Rape, domestic abuse and child custody in Minnesota

Since U.S. Representative Todd Akin of Missouri said the female body will work to prevent pregnancy in "legitimate rapes," the news has been abuzz with stories from women who were raped and made the tough choice to carry their children to term.

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