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November 2012 Archives

End-of-year planning can help your divorce go smoothly in 2013

January is often associated with new years and fresh starts so it is no surprise that it sees more divorce filings than any other month. Couples may be loathe to start the divorce process during the holiday season, especially those with children. But that doesn't mean it's smart to put the matter out of your head until the new year.

Study illuminates risk of losing health insurance in divorce

The University of Michigan recently released a study showing that about 115,000 women lose their health insurance coverage after a divorce. Their overall rates of coverage remain depressed for more than two years after the end of a marriage.

Multiple countries, multiple headaches in divorce: part two

Last week we wrote about some of the difficulties that can come with a divorce across national borders. Whether you and your spouse are dual citizens, living abroad or living in separate countries, navigating foreign courts and sorting out jurisdiction for your case can be a challenge.

Multiple countries, multiple headaches in divorce: part one

Divorce is hard no matter what, but Americans who are living abroad, dual citizens or married to someone from another country can face twice the trouble when trying to end a marriage. Divorce can be a complicated process under the American court system but when more than one set of laws and courts is involved, issues can multiply.

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