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January 2013 Archives

Is a prenup right for you?

When people think of prenuptial agreements, they may picture celebrities or millionaires trying to protect their wealth in the event of a divorce. With many Hollywood marriages lasting months or less, it seems to make sense for the wealthy to take steps to ensure their finances survive the break-up of a marriage.

Supreme Court to weigh in on Native American custody

The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to hear a complex child custody dispute that could have widespread implications for custody of Native American children. At issue is the India Child Welfare Act, a 1978 federal law that gives the families and tribes of Indian children a say in their custody.

Judge rules in high-profile Minnesota custody dispute

Back in September we discussed a Minnesota child custody case that pitted two sets of grandparents against each other over who would take care of their orphaned granddaughter. The girl, who is two years old, lost both of her teenaged parents in a 2011 murder-suicide.

Consider children's social media presence during divorce

The role of social media and technology in divorce has been the subject of much discourse. Whether it's a Facebook message that confirms one spouse had an affair or a tagged photo showing irresponsible behavior that affects child custody decisions, social media data is affecting all aspects of divorce. One newer development is how parents may use their children's images or information online.

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