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March 2013 Archives

HIV-positive infant at heart of Minnesota custody battle

A Minnesota family is fighting to regain the custody of their three-month-old son. After a disagreement over what treatment is appropriate for the HIV-positive infant he was taken into state custody.

An overview of divorce in Minnesota

On this Minnesota family law blog we've written about many specific issues facing divorcing couples in Minnesota, ranging from child custody to domestic violence to prenuptial agreements. And while there are a lot of details to keep track of during the process it is important not to lose sight of the basics.

Make your prenup as solid as your relationship: part two

Last week we discussed some of the benefits of prenuptial agreements for couples who are planning to get married. While no pair wants to think about that possibility that their marriage may not work out, it is important to give some thought to how your financial situation would be affected should that happen.

Make your prenup as solid as your relationship: part one

Many people think that only the rich and famous benefit from prenuptial agreements - think Kim Kardashian's short-lived union, for example. While it's true that these agreements are more common in high-asset marriages, any couple can reap the advantages of a little bit of financial planning.

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