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April 2013 Archives

Bill could require parenting classes for all Minnesota divorcés

When a married couple decides to end their marriage, it is not uncommon for one or both parties to feel bitterness or resentment. That is completely normal but, unfortunately, sometimes those negative feelings can seep through into a parent's interaction with his or her children.

Calculating child support in Minnesota: part two

In our post last week we discussed some of the basic laws governing child support in Minnesota, focusing on the three different types of child support: basic support, medical support and child care support. All of these are meant to help ensure that both parents take responsibility for the financial support and care of their child, when possible.

Calculating child support in Minnesota: part one

When a child has unmarried parents, whether they were born to an unmarried couple or their parents are seeking a divorce, Minnesota law holds both parents responsible for making sure the child is taken care of financially. The law assumes that the custodial parent - the one who lives with the child - provides for their basic needs on an everyday basis.

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