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Minnesota trial delayed for husband who murdered wife

A 39-year-old man who murdered his 30-year-od wife last February has had his trial postponed again. St. Paul Police said that they found evidence of a bloody fight in the couple's bedroom in late February 2013 and they arrested the husband. It took searchers three months to find the wife's body in the Mississippi River in Minnesota.

Prosecutors said the wife's abandoned car had the address of another man who was in a relationship with her. Blank divorce papers were also found in the car.

The husband was initially supposed to go on trial in May, then on July 22. Currently, the proceedings are being postponed to Sept.16, so the defense can have more time to go over the autopsy on the wife.

The judge also ruled that the jury can hear from friends of the wife. Her friends say she talked to them about her crumbling and troubled marriage in the days and weeks before her disappearance and murder in February. The defense said the evidence should not be permitted because it's hearsay. Also, both the prosecution and the defense want more time to study DNA and phone records.

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