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September 2013 Archives

Teen arrested on drunk driving charges in Northfield

Young people can make mistakes. Whether they are the result of peer pressure or a youthful slip in character, some of these mistakes can have long-term legal consequences. One Minnesota teenager is discovering this as he deals with drunk driving charges that involve a stolen vehicle.

Father of Cherokee girl fighting custody order

The number of child custody issues in Minnesota must be very large. With so many families living in the state, divorce is bound to happen. When the split is between parents, custody of the children must be determined. Some cases are easier than others, usually those with parents who are willing to work together and share joint custody, raising the child as parents and friends. But then there is the opposite end of the scale: parents who are willing to do anything to have custody of their children, whether its legal or not.

Minnesota judge gives his take on U.S. Supreme Court DUI cases

There still remains confusion regarding the recent U.S. Supreme Court case now requiring search warrants to be issued when someone arrested refuses to submit to a blood alcohol test.  One Minnesota judge emphasizes that the ruling does not make all drunken driving convictions invalid.  The ruling merely narrowed exceptions to the Fourth Amendment as involves warrantless blood alcohol tests.

Drunk driving crackdown nets 1,500-plus arrests in Minnesota

The state of Minnesota is very tough on drunk driving, and authorities right in the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas take their duties very seriously when it comes to fighting drunk driving. According to a recent report by MPR, more than 1,500 drivers were arrested statewide on DWI charges in recent weeks alone. Police around the state ramped up their efforts from Aug. 16 to Sept. 2, leading to the massive number of arrests.

Wisconsin man acquitted in drunk driving case

The consequences for a drunk driving conviction can be pretty severe in Minnesota, including fines, a revoked driver's license and even jail time. In many cases, however, the evidence in drunk driving cases is not actually that strong. Breath test results are frequently skewed and police observations are not always sound. 

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