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October 2013 Archives

Minnesota police prepare for Halloween by increasing DWI patrols

Every year, thousands of Minnesotans use the Halloween holiday -- and adjacent weekends -- as a reason to get together with friends and loved ones. In order to prepare for the occasion, some people put forward a significant effort to assemble the perfect costume.

Minnesota justices: Warrants necessary for blood alcohol tests

The Minnesota Supreme Court has finally made a decision in a landmark case that could reshape the way drunk driving charges are handled throughout the state. In previous blog posts, we discussed State v. Brooks, a case that examined the legality of the chemical tests Minnesota drivers are subjected to when they are suspected of driving while intoxicated.

Athlete cites injuries after failing field sobriety test

At times, it may seem as though a different public figure is facing legal challenges on a daily basis. Because of this, it may be easy to overlook some of the important issues involved in their cases. This may be the case for former professional football player Bernie Kosar, who was recently charged for driving while intoxicated.

Police arrest Minnesota teen for DUI, fail to read Miranda rights

No matter how serious criminal accusations are, accused individuals are entitled to certain rights that protect them from unfair prosecution. When law enforcement officials fail to adhere to constitutional protections, the outcome of any subsequent criminal trial could be dramatically changed.

Update: Minnesota court hears landmark blood alcohol test case

The issue of warrantless blood-alcohol tests in drunk driving cases has become a hot criminal law topic throughout the country. Earlier this year, the nation's top court ruled that police must obtain a warrant before taking blood samples from those who are suspected of driving under the influence when there is enough time to do so.

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