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December 2013 Archives

Minnesota man challenges warrantless blood draw after conviction

As we have covered before on this blog, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled earlier this year that police must obtain a warrant before they draw a person's blood to measure alcohol content in most situations. The ruling, Missouri v. McNeely, also said that concerns about alcohol dissipating over time is not an "exigent circumstance" that would allow for a warrantless blood draw.

Minnesota woman appeals drunk driving penalty citing necessity

Anyone who is familiar with Minnesota's drunk driving laws knows that they include a wide range of legal consequences. Beyond potential fines and time behind bars, those who are convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol automatically lose their driver's license for at least 90 days. As the nature of DUI charges change, the period for license revocation may be extended.

Ways stay-at-home moms can protect their financial futures

In years past, women in America were not afforded many of the same opportunities readily enjoyed by men. Today, however, access to equal opportunities in education and employment has resulted in many women having successful and lucrative careers.

Subject of custody battle has tails wagging

When a married couple chooses to divorce, a number of matters must be considered and decided upon. The division of assets including a marital home is often among the top divorce considerations. Additionally, if a couple has minor-aged children together, decisions related to child custody and child support must be made.

Minnesota driver charged after drunk driving fatality accident

Drunk driving is a serious criminal offense in Minnesota, but never more so than when it results in a fatality. Anyone convicted of criminal vehicular homicide as a result of drunk driving could potentially face a maximum of 10 years in prison or a $20,000 fine for each count. One Eden Prairie man now faces such a fate following a drunk driving fatality accident in August. His 23-year-old nephew, a Marine, was killed in the crash.

Thanksgiving Day chase leads to DWI arrest in Minnesota

After a car chase that occurred on Thanksgiving Day, a Minnesota man has been arrested for DWI. The chase allegedly began after Minnesota officers tried to pull him over for a traffic stop. The man faces charges of DWI, fleeing an officer and other traffic-related crimes.

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