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January 2014 Archives

Man who acted as sperm donor to same-sex couple ordered to pay child support

Many children in Minnesota grow up believing they will one day fall in love, marry and have children of their own. For some couples, however, a problem with infertility or simple biology prevents them from conceiving a child on their own. As a result, some individuals or couples may turn to a sperm donor or surrogate in their quest to have a child.

Minors face zero tolerance in Minnesota drunk driving cases

According to Minnesota law, a person will face charges for driving under the influence if they have a blood-alcohol concentration over 0.08 percent. This is a legal-limit standard that is easily recognizable in our state and across the country. However, people under the age of 21 (the legal drinking age) face a slightly different set of standards, which can vary from state to state.

Advice for parents planning to divorce during the winter

Every January, unhappy husbands and wives around the country flock to divorce attorneys with hopes of ending a marriage. For many with minor-aged children, matters related to child custody, visitation and child support top the list of divorce-related concerns. While there is no right or wrong time to file for divorce, parents who choose to file during the winter months face challenges associated with doing so mid-school year.

Understanding potential workplace consequences for DUI charges

Immediately after being charged for drunk driving, people may not fully understand what a conviction could mean for them. As we've previously indicated on this blog, the penalties for a drunk driving charge aren’t limited to the sentence handed down by a judge. Being convicted for driving under the influence of alcohol can also be devastating for a person's professional life, and the importance of this topic merits further discussion.

Do drink mixers impact breath test results?

Oftentimes, people will casually socialize by going out for a drink with friends or ordering a cocktail with dinner. In these situations, people do the responsible thing by limiting their alcohol intake in order to drive home safely. However, a recent study suggests that what people order may have more of an impact on their level of intoxication than they think.

The growing role social media is playing in many divorces

A married couple may choose to divorce for a number of reasons. Disagreements about finances, childrearing and sex often top the list of those issues that drive a couple apart. When a marriage is experiencing strain, it's not uncommon for one or both spouses to seek comfort in the arms of another man or woman.

Updates to important documents crucial in wake of divorce

Matters related to child custody and the division of assets typically top the list of concerns of individuals going through a divorce. In many cases, months may pass before a divorce is finalized. When that day finally arrives, many divorcees are eager to move on and start fresh.

Update: Jerome Simpson accepts plea deal for breath test refusal

In November, Jerome Simpson, wide receiver for the Minnesota Vikings, was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. As we covered in an earlier blog post, the athlete's vehicle stalled on the highway and the police officer who arrived on the scene believed that he was driving while intoxicated. After submitting to a preliminary breath test, Simpson later refused a breath test at the Hennepin County jail.

A mere 9-months' jail time for hiring a hit-man

In a travesty of justice, a man who attempted to hire a hit-man to kill his now-ex-girlfriend is out of prison after a mere nine months. He states the he loves her to death, but she has a restraining order against him, so his love will have to remain unrequited.

Veteran Minnesota cop resigns after being charged with DWI

Certain legal problems may follow a person for many years. As long as a criminal offense is on a person's record, it can create many personal and professional challenges. This may be a reality for those who have convicted for driving while intoxicated.

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