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A mere 9-months' jail time for hiring a hit-man

In a travesty of justice, a man who attempted to hire a hit-man to kill his now-ex-girlfriend is out of prison after a mere nine months. He states the he loves her to death, but she has a restraining order against him, so his love will have to remain unrequited.

He met with someone whom he thought was a cold-blooded killer to hire him to take out his then-girlfriend, but things did not work out the way he planned. The killer-for-hire was an undercover policeman, and the man was sentenced to 19 months behind bars. He feels that this was just get him off the street so that he would not do further harm.

He has a background of criminal activity that includes multiple restraining orders from loved ones, arson, sexual misconduct and theft. His rap sheet extends back 30 years, and this marks him as a career criminal. He is accused of trying to run off with his ex-girlfriend's teenage daughter. She has had to take out a restraining order against him and is disheartened that she may be in danger. While she has not expressed an interest in charging him in civil court, an experienced attorney would be able to add a layer of protection should she choose to do that.

The taxpayers are footing his bill as he is normalized back into society. He lives in a rundown hotel on $500.00 per month and has his few belongings. He expresses his belief that he is a changed man who has met the love of his life. His new girlfriend is also an ex-felon who killed her husband in a self-defense claim. He also believes that if he cans stay clean and sober, his future will be different.

No one deserves to live in fear. A restraining order is a good first step to protecting yourself, and an experienced attorney can add a level of comfort to give a fearful person a sense of protection.

Source:, "Minn. man released 9 months after hiring 'hit man' to kill ex-girlfriend" Shelby Capacio, Dec. 20, 2013

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