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February 2014 Archives

Drivers argue survey process violates rights, feels like DUI stop

Though cynicism about the government might be common among the public these days, if it looks like a police officer is pulling someone over, that person is likely to stop. It turns out that some apparent traffic stops aren't actually traffic stops at all. They are so-called "voluntary DUI surveys" that are meant to provide information about national drugged and drunk driving trends.

What happens when labs deliver flawed blood alcohol test results?

When police are conducting a drunk driving arrest, they may take a blood sample for a blood-alcohol test. Once collected, samples are typically sent to a crime lab for analysis. Although there are specific scientific procedures for testing, the results are still subject errors made by laboratory staff of equipment.

Advice for parents dealing with a difficult ex-spouse

Divorce is often heralded as a time of reflection and new beginnings. Individuals who divorce often feel relieved once a divorce is finalized and are often able to reflect and learn from the mistakes of a failed marriage while focusing on making positive changes to ensure for a happier future. For divorced parents, however, regular contact with an ex-spouse may prove to be difficult. This is especially true in cases when a divorce was conflict-ridden and contentious.

Long-time Twin Cities reporter released from job after DWI charge

In the immediate wake of a drunk driving arrest, a person's head might be swimming with the potential consequences. For some people, being able to maintain employment might be a major concern. As we covered in blog post on Jan. 23, some people may face termination at work as the result of a drunk driving conviction, depending on specific workplace policies.

Divorce and making child custody decisions

When a couple with shared children divorces, there are many considerations with regard to child custody and child support that must be considered and decided. In the wake of a divorce, each parent would be wise to recognize that the failure of a marriage does not equate to failure as a parent. Yes, children may be angry, confused and resentful; but in many cases divorce is the best option for all involved parties.

Minnesota woman accepts deal for felony drunk driving charges

Law enforcement officials can increase the severity of drunk driving charges based on the circumstances behind an arrest. Generally speaking, felony driving under the influence charges will be issued in Minnesota if an alcohol-related car accident causes injuries or death. Being convicted of any type of felony can severely limit professional opportunities, cause a number of privileges to be revoked and usually includes time behind bars.

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