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March 2014 Archives

Adult children often struggle to cope with divorce

Research shows that, between 1990 and 2008, divorce rates among couples age 50 and older doubled. While much has been written about how so-called gray divorcees can cope with the financial and emotional fallout of a late-life divorce, the effects of gray divorce on adult children are often disregarded. In many cases, however, adult children are deeply impacted by their parents' divorce which may cause an individual to both internalize and project negative emotions and thoughts.

Minnesota students fight for drunk driving laws to impact all

Challenging lawmakers over a law that protects lawmakers might seem like too daunting of a task for some people to take on. According to Fox 9, however, a group of Concordia University students in Minnesota are fighting to get a so-called "antiquated" law off of the books. 

Life changes may cause changes in perspective about spouse

Marriage is full of many ups and downs. However, when the downs significantly begin to outweigh the ups, it may be time to take stock of a marriage as well as one's own part in contributing to its unhappiness. As an individual ages, experiences as well as responsibilities and shifting perspectives and life goals change and evolve. Rarely does a 50-year-old have the same concerns, priorities and aspirations as when he or she was 20. It's also true that attributes deemed desirable to 20-year-old are often not as desirable or important to a 50-year-old.

Felony DWI in Minnesota could result in 5 more years in prison

The current drunk driving laws in Minnesota are enough to make anyone want to avoid an arrest. If some state lawmakers have it their way, the DWI laws in the state would get even tougher. And on the side of those lawmakers is a story that brings out sadness and upset in just about anyone who hears it.

Divorce: surviving the process and looking forward

There's no right way to divorce. There are, however, certain steps that, if taken, can greatly benefit individuals both during and after a divorce. The decision to divorce is not one that typically is or should be taken lightly. In fact, many individuals who eventually decide to file for divorce only do so after contemplating the matter for months or years and seeking legal advice. When trying to determine if divorce is the right answer, individuals would be wise to make a list of pros and cons and ensure possible alternatives to divorce have been explored. If an individual chooses to move forward and file for divorce it's important to enlist the assistance of a divorce attorney who is able to provide advice and help navigate the divorce settlement process.

Former Viking's stats now include 2 Minnesota DWI arrests

Erin Henderson, former Minnesota Vikings player, might be a free agent, but he certainly isn't free from criminal charges. More specifically, he has been arrested for multiple DUIs in Minnesota in the course of the past year. He is charged with various criminal counts, a hardship that has probably impacted his career.

How the Affordable Care Act may affect U.S. divorce rates

Individuals going through a divorce often have a myriad of factors to consider and decisions to make. Most notable are matters related to child custody and the division of assets and property. Previously, the loss of health insurance coverage was another major factor that divorcing individuals were forced to contemplate. However, with the passage of the Affordable Care Act, for many divorcees, fears related to health care coverage have largely been erased.

Prenuptial agreements, not just for the very wealthy

When a couple decides to marry, there are a number of things that must be considered and decided. While aspects related to a wedding and honeymoon are often top of mind for many engaged couples, the question of whether or not to obtain a prenuptial agreement is perhaps one of the most important of all pre-marital decisions.

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