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April 2014 Archives

Should you pair premarital counseling with a prenup?

Many engaged couples choose to take advantage of premarital counseling sessions before they say “I do.” This particular kind of counseling allows couples to sort out their differences, refine their expectations and become practiced communicators before they wed.

US Supreme Court splits on traffic stop issue

The United States Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that an anonymous tip may be sufficient in some cases to justify an investigatory stop. While the majority opinion did not go so far as to say that an anonymous tip standing alone, without any other information, is enough to justify a traffic stop to investigate a possible drunk driving offense, the court did not require much more. The case was decided by a sharply divided court. Justice Antonin Scalia wrote a scathing dissent in the 5-4 high court ruling.

Austin man arrested for alleged DWI on a go-kart

Drivers in Minnesota are likely aware that state law prohibits driving a car while impaired by drugs or alcohol. However, the laws are more expansive when it comes to the type of vehicle that may be involved in a drunk driving case. The general definition of a motor vehicle in the DWI statute discusses any vehicle that is self-propelled, among other terms. The DWI laws include provisions that apply to motorboats, ATVs and snowmobiles.

Apple Valley man faces CVH charges for September 2013 crash

Minnesota’s laws prohibiting driving while impaired apply to many more substances than alcohol. The DWI statutes include provisions related to controlled substances and hazardous substances. Controlled substances can include illicit drugs or prescription medications.

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