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June 2014 Archives

Minnesota non-profit teaches child support responsibilities

When parents get divorced or separate, there are often legal issues surrounding their children. If Minnesota parents are no longer living together or raising their children together, they will have to devise some sort of parenting agreement to decide where the children live, spend their time and who pays for the children's everyday expenses.

Man arrested for DWI after alleged chase in Cottage Grove

What happens during the course of a DWI stop or an attempted DWI stop can have many impacts. In some instances, a person may end up facing charges beyond just DWI charges based on conduct they allegedly engaged in during a stop or an attempted stop.

I-35 traffic stop leads to drug and DWI charges against driver

Search and seizure issues often arise in criminal cases. When police conduct a traffic stop and later search a vehicle, the legal analysis may involve several steps in determining whether police acted lawfully. Dog sniffs are a complicated issue that has been the subject of many appellate decisions in recent years.

Couples protect rights with social media prenups

In this day and age, social media is a point of contention during divorce cases. For any number of reasons, Minnesota couples who are going through a divorce may want to take a break from social media until everything is final. If a spouse does not take a break, he or she may be tempted to make negative or "revenge" posts online about the other spouse. Social media is also an easy way to catch people in lies about their relationship status, travel plans, or spending habits. And all of these issues may persuade a judge during a divorce settlement.

Police claim man faked inability to speak English in DWI arrest

Police in Northern Minnesota claim that a man pretended that he cannot speak English during an investigation into a possible driving while impaired offense. The arresting officer claims that the 34-year-old North Dakota resident said “No habla,” when the officer asked the driver his name. The Moorhead police officer, however, apparently speaks Spanish and switched over to that language to identify the driver. Police say that the driver later admitted that he can speak English.

Minnesota conflict resolution group discusses mediation

Filing for divorce is usually not an easy decision. But the filing process may pale in comparison to the complexity of the divorce settlement process, especially if one or more of the parties do not handle the situation amicably. In those cases, a property settlement discussion can wind up in court with a judge presiding over the discussions, as well as the final settlement order.

Police: Minnesota woman had Jell-O shots in pocket in DWI arrest

Minnesota's drunk driving statutes use a complex array of aggravating factors that may be used to enhance a charge for allegedly driving while impaired to a higher level of offense. Typically, a first-time offender is charged with a misdemeanor. However, a first-time offender may be charged with third-degree DWI if law enforcement or prosecutors allege that an aggravating factor was present at the time of the offense; a third-degree offense is a gross misdemeanor.

New trend of divorce parties

There are many important occasions in life that are worth celebrating. Some of the most notable are birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. However, some people are now making their divorce a thing of celebration. Minnesota is not immune to this trend.

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