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Minnesota-born collaborative divorce makes for amicable divorce

Divorce can seem like a big fight over everything. Children, money, and who gets what seem to be hot topics for people wading their way through divorce proceedings. The court system is designed in a way that forces a couple to divide and conquer their marital property rather than focusing on organizing an amicable parting agreement. Divorce proceedings were given a radical shove towards mediation in the early 90's when a Minnesota lawyer revealed his amicable approach to negotiating divorces.

Collaborative divorce encourages the divorcing couple to work together in order to design the best arrangement for their family post-divorce. This especially works well when children are involved. The process is positively supported by attorneys and other trained professionals. This process is designed to promote long-lasting and amicable solutions for families going through a divorce.

Each member of the couple hires his or her own attorney; however, these attorneys are committed to working together, in tandem with the couple, in order to draft an agreement that suits both parties. These attorneys are certified in the collaborative divorce process. This process differs from traditional divorce proceedings, in which attorneys are fighting only for their client's best interests.

The army alongside these attorneys can include psychologists, divorce coaches and financial professionals, to name a few. The needs of the client and his or her family determine what help is needed. Together, these people offer suggestions about how to best settle the divorce in a way that is fair for everyone. This can lead to a longer-lasting and happier solution for everyone.

Source:, "Collaborative divorce offers less adversarial approach to calling it quits," Charlsie Dewey, Aug. 15, 2014

Source:, "Collaborative divorce offers less adversarial approach to calling it quits," Charlsie Dewey, Aug. 15, 2014

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