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Factors that affect child support calculations

When Minnesota couples divorce, they may have children involved. This means that child support will come into play, and many couples assume that the court will determine the final amount without any input from the parents. While the courts do primarily use a formula based on income and number of children to determine the monthly payments, there are other factors that can be considered.

The court cannot always assume that the parents are disclosing the true amount of income they earn. Some parents may hide money, fail to report money earned from a side business or perform work for cash in order to keep the income unreported. This is because when they can prove they don't earn as much money, they can get away with paying less child support. Although this is illegal, it happens often and should not be ignored. Custodial parents need to ensure that their child's needs are being met, especially if the child has a medical condition or some other situation that requires extra care or money.

In extreme cases, some parents will reduce their hours at work or even avoid working altogether so that they can avoid paying child support. If a custodial parent believes this is the case, they may wish to seek legal help. A lawyer can aid in the investigation by examining bank records and bringing in forensic accountants.

Not every situation is the same, which is why it is important to seek the help of a family law attorney who understands which factors - besides income - affect child support calculations. Contact an attorney to learn more about how to ensure your child support decree is fair for both parents.

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