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Is a divorce imminent? Look for these financial clues

When Minnesota couples are about to split, there may be obvious signs. These may include increased arguments or spending less time together. One spouse may be caught cheating. Many couples overlook financial clues that could point to the end of a marriage. So how should couples know if a divorce is imminent? Here are some financial indicators.

In many cases, divorce is suddenly sprung upon one partner. Rarely do both partners agree to a divorce at the same time. One partner may think everything is OK and the marriage is great, while the other may be secretly planning a divorce. So be on the lookout for arguments about money. A spouse getting ready to leave may start withdrawing large amounts of money and then hide it. He or she may also avoid giving reasons for the missing money.

A spouse may also demand that the other spouse start sticking to a strict budget and account for every penny spent. He or she may open a separate checking account and stop direct deposits to a joint account. The spouse may also suddenly go on an increased number of "business trips" and hide mail. The spouse may also take out loans or start talking negatively about work or income in an effort to downplay finances in the event of a divorce.

If any of these signs are becoming apparent in a marriage, it's time to prepare for the possibility of a divorce. This can be an emotional process, especially if children are involved. Get finances in order with help from a financial planner and start preparing for a lifestyle change.

Source: Time, "11 Financial Clues That Your Spouse Wants a Divorce," Lili A. Vasileff, March 19, 2015

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