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Drunk driver makes big decision, calls police on himself

What would you think if someone was intoxicated while behind the wheel, and that person realized the error in his or her ways -- and then promptly stopped the car and called the police to inform them of the illegal act that he or she had committed? You would probably think that such a thing would never happen in real life, right?

If you can believe it, this actually happened in Canada recently, and it's a remarkable story that shows that people are capable of truly amazing things sometimes. The man in this story, a 55-year-old, says he has been dealing with alcohol dependency and other issues for a decade, and he gave an interview to the newspaper which serves as our source.

He says that he made the call because he officially needed to hit the bottom, forcing him to change his ways. It appears that he's on his way now, but it is a truly painful way to learn the lesson.

Ultimately, what's the message here? How does this story apply to criminal defense and DUI charges?

Aside from it being a story that reminds us all the weaknesses we all have as humans, it's a reminder about the punishment that a person can receive for a DUI regardless of the circumstances of the case. The 55-year-old in this case did have a blood alcohol limit that exceeded the legal limit. He will surely face some serious consequences, even though he made an incredible ethical decision.

People who drive under the influence of alcohol don't deserve to be let off the hook with no punishment -- but sometimes, the punishment simply doesn't fit the crime. People accused of DUI need an attorney to fight for them and to try to minimize the damage that a DUI charge could deal them.

Source: The Star, "Why this drunk driver pulled over and called the cops -- on himself," Amy Dempsey, March 20, 2015

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