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Having a professional on one's side during divorce is important

When a couple divorces, each person wants to protect what is rightfully theirs. Unfortunately, many divorces end up bogged down in nasty battles over property division. When this happens, people look for legal counsel who will help protect their rights while staying committed to their case from start to finish.

Divorce can bring about a variety of intense emotions, and it can be hard for people going through a divorce to keep their minds on the legal and financial issues at stake. Often, people just want the process to be over, and so they settle for less than they deserve. It's important to have someone you can trust on your side to help you make the right decisions -- decisions that can affect you for many years to come.

Attorneys with experience in handling a variety of divorce cases know how to work for their clients' best interests in property division. They know how to properly value assets, including not just bank accounts and real estate, but also less easily defined assets. For example, divorcing spouses typically have interests in each other's retirement accounts, even when these accounts won't become mature for many years. People going through the heated emotions of divorce may overlook this type of asset.

The attorneys at our Minnesota law office have decades of combined experience helping our clients to protect their rights during a divorce. Whether it's in a courtroom setting, at a negotiation table or in an alternative dispute resolution system, we fight for the best outcome for our clients. For more information, see our property division web page.

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