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Petitioning for a modification in child support

In a divorce when children are involved, the courts will decide which Minnesota parent will pay child support and how much. This order will stay in place unless either parent requests a modification. A modification to the monthly payment can only be approved if a parent or child experiences a significant change in living or financial circumstances. We have experience helping numerous parents with these types of situations.

The one certainty about life is that it is always changing. Maybe you lost your job and can't afford to buy food, let alone pay child support. Perhaps your child was diagnosed with a serious health condition and you need the other parent to step up and help pay for these medical expenses. Maybe your child has graduated from high school and moved out of the house, making child support no longer a necessity. In these types of situations, you'll want to request a modification.

Some parents, however, try to hide their income to avoid paying child support. Income tax returns, bank accounts and credit card statements can help the other party discover any changes in wages. Advanced discovery methods can be utilized as needed, and our law firm has the resources available to accomplish this.

If you are looking to modify the amount of child support you are paying or receiving, or want to contest the other parent's request, we can help. Child support often involves complex financial issues and we have the knowledge and tools to uncover a parent's true income and ensure fairness. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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