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An experienced divorce lawyer can make a big difference

Divorce is rarely easy. For most people it is a difficult time in which anger, grief and anxiety are the prevailing emotions. Even in the land of "Minnesota nice," acrimony and bitterness can cause disputes to spiral out of control.

Unfortunately it is also a time when a number of important decisions, some with lifelong consequences, must be made. One of the advantages of having an experienced divorce attorney is the ability to get objective advice, unaffected by the emotional turmoil that accompanies the end of a marriage.

Property division can be one of the more contentious issues when a marriage breaks up. Questions like who gets to keep the house or whether it should be sold do not have easy answers. Figuring out whether an asset is marital property, and dividing assets like stock options and retirement plans can be complicated. Deciding who keeps an asset with sentimental value can be just as difficult.

For parents, divorce means deciding which parent the children will live with and working out visitation plans for the noncustodial parent. Working out child support issues is another unpleasant but essential task that must be faced.

A fair divorce settlement doesn't happen by chance. It takes strategy, planning and an understanding of the law and how it applies to a particular case. At the law firm of Sheridan & Dulas, P.A. we have been helping Minnesota residents with divorce and family law issues for more than 15 years. For more on how we can help Minnesota residents going through a divorce, please visit our divorce and property division page.

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