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January 2016 Archives

We help divorcing parents work through custody issues

Parents often know what is best for their children; however, during a divorce, it can be difficult to determine what is in the best interest of the children. The complexities of the dissolution process can often interfere with the decisions made regarding custody, and divorcing parents often do not see eye-to-eye when it comes to developing a parenting plan. Even when parents agree that a joint custody arrangement is best and workable post-divorce, disputes could emerge, requiring parents to take necessary steps to resolve these matters.

2015 saw major changes in Minnesota parenting time laws

In 2015 the Minnesota Legislature enacted significant changes to the state statutes governing child custody and parenting time. In these first weeks of the New Year, it is worth taking a look at these changes and how they will affect child custody determinations in the future.

How can married couples protect assets without a prenup?

For most Minnesota couples, getting married is a major decision. While many financial decisions go into planning a wedding and a new future with their significant other, some couples do not include financial protection through a prenuptial agreement in their pre-wedding plans. While a prenup is able to provide financial protection, married couples should understand that it is not an end all if they did not include one in their union.

How will divorce affect credit?

When a Minnesota couple divorces, financial issues are often at the forefront. A spouse may have strong feelings about how marital property should be divided, as well as about issues of spousal support and child support. But couples also need to think about how their joint debts will be handled once the divorce is final, and how the divorce will affect each spouse's ability to apply for credit.

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