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March 2016 Archives

Can a Minnesota prenuptial agreement ever be unbreakable?

There is nothing romantic about a prenuptial agreement (prenup). Yet, for many engaged couples in Minnesota, preparing for the possibility of marital dissolution is simply being realistic. But, what is the risk a prenup will be ruled unenforceable by a court? Is it possible to prepare an unbreakable prenup?

Domestic Violence: Straddling The Line Between Family Law And Criminal Defense

For couples on the cusp of divorce, it doesn't take much for a minor argument to get out of hand. A terse exchange can quickly devolve into shouting, shoving and potentially something more serious.

Cost of living adjustments and child support modification in MN

Given the manner in which changes inevitably occur, a child support order is not going to be static. With that in mind, Minnesota has certain laws that will regulate how the amount owed changes at various intervals. Whether a parent can seek to have child support modifications can be made as different needs arise. Understanding the parameters of these changes can avoid confusion and help both parents, as well as the child.

Legal help with child relocation in Minnesota

It is never easy for Minnesota children when parents decide to part ways, but when there is a child custody dispute it makes it even harder. To make things even more complicated, one issue that frequently arises is relocation. A parent who has custody might decide for one reason or another to move elsewhere. This can render visitation rights difficult if not impossible to fulfill as ordered. While this might not be done maliciously, it is still the foundation for a disagreement between the parents. It is in situations, such as this that parents need to have legal help.

Gray divorce raises distinct property division issues

In last week's post, we discussed some U.S. Census data regarding the "gray divorce" trend of recent years. The data confirms that divorce is becoming more common among older couples in the U.S. For Minnesota couples who are divorcing late in life, the end of a marriage raises some special issues.

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