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Legal help with child relocation in Minnesota

It is never easy for Minnesota children when parents decide to part ways, but when there is a child custody dispute it makes it even harder. To make things even more complicated, one issue that frequently arises is relocation. A parent who has custody might decide for one reason or another to move elsewhere. This can render visitation rights difficult if not impossible to fulfill as ordered. While this might not be done maliciously, it is still the foundation for a disagreement between the parents. It is in situations, such as this that parents need to have legal help.

Moving can occur for many reasons. There might be a new employment opportunity, the custodial parent's family might live in another part of Minnesota or a former spouse might remarry. There could even be a danger to the custodial parent, and the child making it a legitimate attempt to create some distance with the other parent. Although there could be a myriad of acceptable reasons for the relocation, the other parent might still lodge an objection. Understanding the laws of the state can be imperative when dealing with this complicated situation.

In Minnesota, there are laws regarding how a relocation is handled. If a custodial parent wants to move out of the state, there must be a granting of permission from the other parent or it must be approved by the court. In some cases, there are issues of other states' laws taking precedence allowing the custodial parent to move, if he or she chooses to do so. Given the vast number of issues that can crop up when seeking an agreement modification for relocation, a parent on either side of the equation cannot afford not to have legal advice.

When there are issues with relocation and the possibility that parenting time will be diminished or outright eliminated due to the circumstances of the move, having a lawyer who knows how to navigate the law is one of the most important calls that a parent can make. Contacting an attorney before doing anything else is the wise decision to come to a determination on how to proceed within the law and to try and work it out in an amicable manner. If that is impossible, having legal help can also benefit with a dispute.

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