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April 2016 Archives

How divorce affects a Minnesota estate plan

Most married people who have prepared an estate plan leave most of their assets to their spouse if their spouse survives them and to their children or other descendants if they survive their spouse. When a Minnesota resident gets divorced, one question that often comes up is the effect of the divorce on their estate plan.

What are important basic facts about Minnesota child support?

Minnesota parents who decide to end their marriage or part ways in a relationship will undoubtedly have a basic understanding of the need for child support. Even with that, there are certain aspects that could be difficult to understand or they might simply not know about them. This is why it is wise to have a primer on the basic facts about child support, how a support agreement works and what the custodial parent and the noncustodial parent are obligated to do as per the agreement.

House bill would limit permanent alimony in Minnesota

Alimony is often a contentious issue in a divorce. In recent years it has also become a contentious issue in some state legislatures around the country, as lawmakers have introduced bills eliminating permanent alimony in some situations. Recently a committee of the Minnesota House of Representatives approved a bill that would terminate a permanent alimony obligation if the recipient cohabitates with their significant other.

Pennsylvanian prenuptial agreement questions

Getting married is a big decision. So is deciding to enter into a prenuptial agreement. Minnesota couples, who choose to agree to a prenuptial agreement (prenup), want to be sure they are doing it right. Fortunately, with knowledgeable legal advice, the process does not have to be complicated.

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