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What are important basic facts about Minnesota child support?

Minnesota parents who decide to end their marriage or part ways in a relationship will undoubtedly have a basic understanding of the need for child support. Even with that, there are certain aspects that could be difficult to understand or they might simply not know about them. This is why it is wise to have a primer on the basic facts about child support, how a support agreement works and what the custodial parent and the noncustodial parent are obligated to do as per the agreement.

Child support is what the court orders to be paid to support a child. In Minnesota, the child will be accorded the right to receive financial support from both parents. Parents have the right to ask for child support in a set amount. Many might not realize that non-parents can also ask for child support if they are granted third-party custody. This can be a grandparent or another relative. If the third-party is given custody, they can ask both legal parents to pay child support. The County Attorney's Office might also move forward with a child support case if neither of the parents is receiving public assistance, they are not married and they are not cohabitating.

There are three parts of child support. They are basic support, support for medical expenses and child care support. Basic support covers food, shelter, transportation and other costs. Medical support is for health care and dental care provided by the parent. Those who are not insured still have to pay out of pocket. Child care support is for the child to be watched when parents are at work or in school.

Parents who are not together as a couple need to make sure that the child is adequately provided for in all aspects of his or her life. When there is any kind of disagreement or a problem with child support, it is imperative to have help from an attorney who is familiar with all aspects of a divorce or family law issues to make certain that the process runs smoothly and the support agreement is followed.

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